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Unlocking the Value of Soy Protein in Consumer Foods, October 2007
  1. Symposium Brochure (.pdf)
  2. The Value Proposition of Soy Protein - Jeff Schmalz (.pdf)
  3. The Value Proposition of Soy Protein - John Michaelides (.pdf)
  4. Where do Canadian Consumers Stand on Soy Protein - David Hunter (.pdf)
  5. Global Product Opportunities (Keynote Speaker) - Dr. Ignace Debruyne (.pdf)
  6. Understanding the Health Impacts of Soy Protein - Lois Ferguson (.pdf)
  7. Challenges and Opportunities with Soy - Peter Golbitz (.pdf)
  8. Making Healthful Diets Easy for Consumers - Dr. Neal Bringe (.pdf)
  9. Getting Soy Into Your Products - Peter Murray (.pdf)
  10. Soy Protein Functionality and Capabilities - Minhthy Nguyen (.pdf)

Soy 20/20 & OAFT Joint Meeting, September 2007

  1. Building the Business of Soy – Jeff Schmalz, Soy 20/20 (.pdf)
  2. New Crops for Industrial Applications - Dr. Winthrop Phippen, University of Western Illinois (.pdf)
  3. Soybased Foam Technologies for Automotive Seating - Asad Ali, Lear Corporation (.pdf)
  4. Ethanol Production in Michigan - Jim Byrum, Michigan Agri-Business Association (.pdf)

Soy Based Bioproducts Seminar, August 2007

  1. New Opportunities for Soy Based Products - Jim Pollack, OTI (.pdf)
  2. Specialty Chemicals Derived from Soybeans - Steve Wildes, OTI (.pdf)
  3. Soybeans as Polymer Building Blocks - Phil Sarnacke, OTI (.pdf)
Specialty Trait Oil Soybean Crushing (1MB) (.pdf)

Soy 20/20 September 2006 AGM

  1. Focus on Soy – Jeff Schmalz, Soy 20/20 (.ppt)
  2. New Value-Added Products from Soybeans – Jim Martin, United Soybean Board (.ppt)
  3. Soyador… Ultra Fine Soy Flour Project – Richard Audy, Prograin (.ppt)
  4. Commercialization – Jim Grey, Ontario Soybean Growers (.ppt)

Soy Protein Separation Technologies - Soy 20/20 Insights... (.ppt)

From Cooking Oil to Car Seats (1MB) (.ppt)
Project Director - AGM presentation (392KB) (.ppt)
Ontario Perspective on Bio-Lubricants ( 126KB) (.ppt)

Soy 20/20 September 2004 Annual General Meeting

  1. Soy 20/20 Second Annual General Meeting - Great Success
Year 3 and Beyond - Lucas Thacker
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