About Us

The Soy 20/20 Project brings government, academic and industry partners together to stimulate and seize new global bioscience opportunities for Canadian soybeans. The Project assists researchers, industry, producers and policy makers in focussing on key opportunities and working together to achieve them.

Research for Value-Added Potential

Soy 20/20 works to build linkages among researchers and guide their studies towards markets where opportunities await. Improving teamwork among soybean researchers across the country increases their effectiveness and adds to the creation of new knowledge and technology.

Commerical Soy-Product Opportunities

Soy 20/20 facilitates linkages between value-added market opportunities and the resources needed to realize them. We:

Potential Markets for Added Value

To improve farm profit margins, demand for domestic production must be increased. The most effective means of accomplishing this is through the creation of alternative markets. Soy 20/20 has identified the following as key opportunities for development in Canada:

With the rising and increasingly variable cost of petroleum based feedstocks, industry is now interested in seriously considering bio-based feedstocks as an alternative. This creates a potential new demand for soybeans that could ultimately be more significant than food and/or feed uses. This opportunity will develop globally. We have an opportunity in Canada to be a leader in this area, both in terms of industrial development, and in terms of developing varieties that will add value to industrial applications.

Canada's Winning Combination

Canadas strengths in research capability, industrial output, agricultural production, and educational excellence are not enough individually to make us competitive in the development of a bio-based economy. Our ability to build networks and combine these strengths in a focused effort will make us globally competitive. Soy 20/20 is acting as a catalyst in building this network, by focusing on real opportunities, identifying and circumventing constraints, and helping existing companies develop or expand manufacturing capabilities. We can succeed if we aim at achievable opportunities, and if we work together.